• Transformation of political (dis-)order: Institutions, values & peace

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Transformation of political (dis-)order: Institutions, values & peace

Promoting the common good requires that a society is able to agree on basic material and non-material needs. The state, the political order and values provide the framework for such negotiation processes. If there are no common values and no political institutions to facilitate this process peacefully, then there is a risk of conflict developing over the definition of the common good. The crisis of liberal democracy, growing social inequality, state fragility and transnationalisation cause problems of political legitimacy and hinder effective policy-making geared to the common good.

The research programme is investigating the normative and institutional preconditions that explain politics and policy-making oriented towards the common good. It is doing so based on theory-led, comparative empirical analyses. The Research Programme is working with international partners in multidisciplinary teams on the following topics:

  • Political transformation and values
  • Fragile states and societal peace
  • Resource mobilisation and the common good
  • Cross-cutting topic: impact measurement of international support to governance

At overarching level, the research aims to identify generalisable governance patterns that promote the common good in developing countries. Recognising global interdependencies, the programme takes account at all times of the interplay between transnational, (inter)national, and local factors for explaining different phenomena.


Cluster: Political transformation and values

What causes political transformation and what are the basic conditions for democratic change in developing regions? This cluster makes a contribution to research into the relevance of values and the roleplayed by international and transnational strategies for...


Cluster: Fragile states and societal peace

How do social (dis)integration and fragile statehood interact with one another? What policy approaches help to overcome state fragility? This cluster further develops analysis of strategies for promoting peace and democracy in order to build and maintain...


Cluster: Resource mobilization and the common good

What institutional and individual conditions are necessary for mobilising material resources for policy-making geared to the common good in the multi-level system (local to global)? This cluster studies international tax cooperation and decentralisation...


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