Whither the “End of the Liberal Order“. Do Societal Values Influence the Effectiveness of Democracy Support?

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Bonn, 07.12.2017 until 08.12.2017

German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

The workshop „Wither the end of Liberal Democracy. Do Societal Values Influence the Effectiveness of Democracy Support?” addresses the foundations and effectiveness of international support to democracy. It presents evidence on the relevance of societal values and political attitudes in inter- and transnational support to democracy in developing countries. It furthermore informs the making of context-sensitive international programs to support democracy. The workshop content is based on findings from a three-year project that analysed how international support to democratic governance influences political attitudes and how, in turn, value orientations influence the effectiveness of democracy promotion. More specifically, we compare international support to democracy during attempts by incumbent presidents to abolish presidential term limits as well as law reforms on the legal situation of families and LGBTI persons. These findings contribute to knowledge-generation and policy-making in an area that has been understudied so far.

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07.12.2017 until 08.12.2017