Reform prospects of UN development cooperation

The main research direction of the project was: "UN development cooperation: From internal reform to reconsidering its role in the international aid system". The objective of the project is to advise BMZ on further reforms of UN development cooperation.

Project Lead:
Guido Ashoff

Project Team:
Silke Weinlich

Miriam Douiri (Project Coordination)

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Time frame:
2009 - 2010 / completed

Project description

One important result of the previous UN project was that the much debated reform of the UN development cooperation system including the implementation of the Paris Declaration by the UN has so far primarily focused on internal reforms of the UN system ("One UN"), leaving the role of the UN's development cooperation in the international aid architecture largely unanswered. This project is to deal with this systemic question.
The effectiveness of international development cooperation is hampered by the complicated institutional structure of the international aid system. UN development cooperation is part of the system and the problem. Enhancing its effectiveness requires it to conduct internal reforms and furthermore to redefine its role in the international aid system. The project is linked to the institutional dimension of the development policy effectiveness agenda.


Current Publications

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