Career Entry in the Development Cooperation

Experience has shown that every graduate of the programme had at least one job offer until the end of the training period. The graph below shows the sectors and departments in which the graduates of the last years found their career entry (since 1990).


Next to the professional training offer the German Development Institute also gives advice for vocational orientation. The Institute uses its years of knowledge and close contacts to important German and international institutions of the Development Cooperation. However, the German Development Institute can offer no assurance that the participants get a subsequent employment.


The offering for a vocational orientation includes:

  • Detailed feedback of the selection results

  • Individual discussion with the leaders of the programme about the vocational ideas, chances and requirements

  • Advice in preparing a personal information form; early sending to the important employees

  • Invitation of the important institutions to the German Development Institute to present their organisations and job opportunities; initial talks with interested programme participants

  • The responsibility to apply and introduce yourself to the development institutions still remains with the participants.

  • Where possible, the German Development Institute remains available for questions about the vocational orientation after the programme.