Marrakesh climate conference: time to act!

Bauer, Steffen / Clara Brandi
Externe Publikationen (2016)

in: Diplomatisches Magazin 10/2016, 30-33


When the 196 signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) passed a new climate agreement in Paris in December 2015, it was celebrated as a success around the world. If the Paris Agreement is now consistently implemented, this means nothing less than the start of the end of the age of fossil fuels and therefore a wide-ranging transformation for the global economy and society.

About the authors

Bauer, Steffen

Political scientist

Steffen Bauer

Brandi, Clara

Economist and Political Scientist

Clara Brandi

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Altenburg, Tilman

Economic Geographer 

Blankenbach, Johannes

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Fues, Thomas


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Horstmann, Britta


Mehl, Regine

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Messner, Dirk

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Never, Babette

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Pauw, Pieter

Environment Scientist 

Pegels, Anna


Volz, Ulrich



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