Latin America

Latin America is the most democratic of all developing regions. However, in spite of considerable progress in economic growth and social development in recent years, the region is still characterised by high poverty rates and some of the world’s highest levels of inequality. Over the last decade, Latin American economies have grown increasingly dependent on natural resources and commodity exports. Many governments combine this with a solid macro-economic management and smart social policies, but the economic and social risks of the resource-based development path are high and the negative environmental impacts of mining, agriculture and deforestation threaten to jeopardise the opportunities of future generations.

The German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) conducts research on Latin America with a focus on the following issues:

  • Domestic revenue mobilisation: When do elites pay taxes?
  • Fiscal decentralisation
  • Rents from non-renewable resources and development
  • Criminal violence and governance reform
  • Green growth planning and implementation

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The Current Column

Election in Ecuador: A watershed moment for Latin America’s progressive dream?
Heiss, Mona / Angelike Páez (2017)
The Current Column of 13 February 2017

Peace agreement in Colombia – what next?
Crncic, Zeljko (2017)
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Discussion Paper

Urban sewage in Brazil: drivers of and obstacles to wastewater treatment and reuse; governing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Series
Stepping, Katharina M. K. (2016)
Discussion Paper 26/2016

The political economy of cash transfers: a comparative analysis of Latin American and sub-Saharan African experiences
Scarlato, Margherita / Giorgio d'Agostino
Discussion Paper 6/2016

The Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers on Social Engagement and Trust in Institutions: Evidence from Peru’s Juntos Programme
Camacho, Luis A.

Discussion Paper 24/2014

Bureaucratic Pluralism in Global Development: Challenges for Germany and the United States
Lundsgaarde, Erik (2014)

Discussion Paper 16/2014

Understanding Regime Support in New and Old Democracies: The Role of Performance and Democratic Experience
Camacho, Luis A. (2014)
Discussion Paper 10/ 2014

Promoting Democracy - What Role for the Democratic Emerging Powers?
Schönwälder, Gerd (2014)
Discussion Paper 02/2014

Towards Renewal or Oblivion? Perspectives for cooperation between the European Union and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group after 2020
Negre, Mario/Niels Keijzer/Brecht Lein/Nicola Tissi (2013)

Discussion Paper 09/2013

Macroprudential Financial Market Regulation
Schmitz, Birgit (2013)

Discussion Paper 20/2013


Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in Peru: a challenge to social inclusion and multi-level governance
Zelli, Fariborz / Daniela Erler / Sina Frank / Jonas Hein / Hannes Hotz / Anna-Maria Santa Cruz Melgarejo

Studies 85 (2014)

Análisis de impacto del Fondo Contravalor

Ashoff, Guido/Beate Barthel/Dennis Eucker/Adelheid Knäble de Revollo/Sabine Moron/Martin Scheiber (2012)

Studies 72

External Publications

Successful export promotion: lessons from emerging economies
Brandi, Clara (2014)

in: International Trade Forum Magazine 4/2014, 16-17

Payment for environmental services and power in the Chamachán Watershed, Ecuador
Rodriguez de Francisco, Jean Carlo / Rutgerd Boelens (2014)

Human Organization 73 (4) (forthcoming)

Pago por servicios ambientales, ambientalismo mercantil y la indiferencia hacia el mundo campesino
Rodríguez-de-Francisco, Jean Carlo / Rutgerd Boelens (2014)

Bibiana Duarte / Cristina Yacoub (eds), Justicia Hídrica: Cómo analizar y comprender los procesos de acumulación de los derechos de agua y la proliferación de los conflictos hídricos? Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (forthcoming)

Payments for environmental services changes control over natural resources conservation: the role of public and private sectors in the conservation of the Nima watershed, Colombia
Rodríguez-de-Francisco, Jean Carlo / Jessica Budds (2014)

Ecological Economics (forthcoming)

Digital technologies for democratic governance in Latin America: opportunities and risks
Breuer, Anita / Yanina Welp (eds.) (2014)

Governing the energy transition: the reform of fossil-fuel subsidy regimes in developing countries
Vidican, Georgeta (2014)

Conference proceedings: „The dynamics of transformational environmental policies“

Tax collection in developing countries: new evidence on Semi-autonomous Revenue Agencies (SARAs)
von Haldenwang, Christian / Armin von Schiller / Melody Garcia (2014)
published on The Journal of Development Studies

To be or not to be a member of a primary co-operative in Brazil: any difference in household decision making and gender equality? (forthcoming)
Burchi, Francesco / Sara Vicari (2014)

in: Oxford Development Studies

How strong is the case for dollarization in Central America? An empirical analysis of business cycles, credit market imperfections and the exchange rate
Lindenberg, Nannette / Frank Westermann (2012)

in: International Journal of Finance and Economics 17 (2), 147-166



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Image: The Current Column

Peace agreement in Colombia – what next?
Crncic, Zeljko (2017)
The Current Column of 6 February 2017


Tax Collection in Developing Countries - New Evidence on Semi-Autonomous Revenue Agencies (SARAs)
von Haldewang, Christian / Armin von Schiller / Melody Garcia (2014)
in: The Journal of Development Studies


On the local politics of administrative decentralization: applying for policy responsibilities.
Faust, Jörg / Imke Habers (2011)
in Publius: the Journal of Federalism 42 (1), 52-77


Taxation, fiscal decentralisation and legitimacy: the role of semi-autonomous tax agencies in Peru
von Haldenwang, Christian (2010)
in: Development Policy Review 28 (6), 643-667