Armin von Schiller, PhD

Function: Researcher

Specialization: Political Scientist

Work areas:

  • Tax reform in developing countries
  • Taxation and governance

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Cover: Political Behaviour

Taxing higher incomes: what makes the high-income earners consent to more progressive taxation in Latin America?
Berens, Sarah / Armin von Schiller (2017)
in: Political Behavior 39 (3), 703-772


Cover: Briefing Paper 21/2016

The mobilisation of sub-national revenues is a decisive factor in the realisation of the 2030 Agenda
von Haldenwang, Christian / Armin von Schiller (2016)
Briefing Paper 21/2016


Tax collection in developing countries: new evidence on Semi-autonomous Revenue Agencies (SARAs)

von Haldenwang, Christian / Armin von Schiller / Melody Garcia (2014)
published on The Journal of Development Studies

In the media

Die Wohlhabenden müssen für den Frieden zahlen

von Schiller, Armin / Alejandro Guarín (2013)
Column Zeit Online
20 August 2013