The negotiation of democracy promotion: issues, parameters and consequences

Poppe, Annika Elena / Julia Leininger / Jonas Wolff (eds.)
Books (2019)

Democratization 26 (5), (Special Issue), London: Routledge Taylor & Francis


The Special Issue deals with the finding that democracy promotion has been increasingly contested in recent years. A growing number of governments and political movements question the liberal model of democracy and many openly defend illiberal and/or authoritarian practices. There is still lack of empirical evidence on how and to what extent global and local contestation of liberal democracy challenges and shapes the contents, practices and results of democracy promotion. The Special Issue addresses this research gap. By focusing the attention on the communicative interaction between external democracy promoters and local “recipients” (governments and beyond), the study of negotiation processes allows us to analyse when and how democracy (promotion) is contested by local actors, how democracy promoters respond to such challenges, and whether and how the ensuing controversy is resolved.

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