Governing religious diversity in urban contexts: the interplay of religious and state representatives in local interfaith networks

Dick, Eva / Alexander-Kenneth Nagel
External Publications (2017)

in: Victoria Hegner / Peter-Jan Margry (eds): Spiritualizing the city: agency and resilience of the urban and the urbanesque habitat, London: Routledge (forthcoming)

ISBN: 978-1-138-93072-8

While multilocality has become an increasingly studied phenomenon in both Global North and South, this research has largely evolved separately and few studies so far have adopted an integrated perspective. This article seeks to contribute to these endeavours, comparing drivers and spatial patterns of multilocality as well as characteristics of the involved individuals and households in the Global South and North. The authors reveal persisting and important differences between the contexts, which are however superimposed by new and increasing similarities both with respect to driving factors of multilocality and the phenomenon itself. In particular, social and economic globalisation gives way to increasingly hybridized patterns of multilocality which are highly localized on the one hand, but criss-cross North-South boundaries on the other. The article is based on literature review complemented by insights from empirical research of both authors, conducted in a variety of countries and world regions.

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Dick, Eva

Sociologist and Spatial Planner


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