Promoting resilient agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa as a major priority in climate-change adaptation

Kaplan, Marcus / Chinwe Ifejika Speranza / Imme Scholz
External Publications (2013)

in: Trade and environment review 2013: wake up before it is too late: make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate, Genf: UNCTAD, 39-45


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Scholz, Imme



Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe

Geographer and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Aleksandrova, Mariya

Climate risk governance 

Bauer, Steffen

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Brandi, Clara

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Brüntrup, Michael

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Chan, Sander

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Fuhrmann, Hanna


Houdret, Annabelle

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Hägele, Ramona

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Iacobuta, Gabriela

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Kuhn, Sascha

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Lehmann, Ina

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Malerba, Daniele


Mathis, Okka Lou

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Never, Babette

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Pegels, Anna


Rodríguez de Francisco, Jean Carlo

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Srigiri, Srinivasa Reddy

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