Strategies for the future in four rural communities of Senegal: the role of agriculture and migration

Schöfberger, Irene
External Publications (2014)

in: Tomáš Machalík / Kateřina Mildnerová (eds.), Tradition vs. modernity in contemporary Africa, Pilsen: Czech Association for African Studies, 131-140

Agriculture has been for a long time and still is the main resource of most rural communities in Senegal. Although translocal mobility practices have always been present in the area as a way of accessing income sources alternative to agriculture, national and international migrations are increasing. Therefore, the future role of agriculture in these communities and the influence of migration on the organization of local income sources are under discussion. This chapter aims to investigate the transformations that are affecting rural communities in Senegal and focuses on local perceptions of agriculture and migration as main sources of income. It is based upon Fieldwork conducted at four villages in Senegal and at two immigration destinations in Italy and Spain.

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Schöfberger, Irene

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