Trump’s White House and Paris climate agreement: is Europe up for the challenge?

Messner, Dirk
External Publications (2016)

published on 18 November, 2016


After the election of Donald Trump as the President of the USA, Dirk Messner asks which consequences this will have on the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. Will the USA withdraw from the climate agreement, and will the 2030 Agenda meet the same fate as the Brandt Report which was published in 1979 in unfavorable times and only experienced its revival after the fall of the Berlin Wall? Will Marine Le Pen win the 2017 presidency election in France, too, and thereby herald the end of the EU and, consequently, of our world order? Or will the election of Trump be a wake-up call for Europe, will it develop a strategy to make the climate agreement and the 2030 Agenda a success?

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Messner, Dirk

Political Scientist


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