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Bonn, 11 July 2018. The EU policy faces serious hurdles in finding a way to manage migration in the Mediterranean. The problem is that policy makers are asking the wrong questions.


Bonn, 2 July 2018. The 2030 agenda emphasises the significance of cultural diversity. What role can art and culture play in the transformation to sustainable development?


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Messner, Dirk / Jeff Sachs / Nebojsa Nakicenovic / Johan Rockström / Guido Schmidt-Traub / Sebastian Busch / Geoff Clarke / Owen Gaffney / Elmar Kriegler / Peter Kolp / Julia Leininger / Keywan Riahi / Sander van der Leeuw / Detlef van Vuuren / Caroline Zimm (2018)

Vereinte Nationen und Umwelt

Bauer, Steffen (2018)

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United Nations High-level Political Forum
DIE @HLPF 2018
New York, 09.07.2018 until 18.07.2018

Affiliated event Global Climate Action Summit
New Climate Leadership
San Francisco, 13.09.2018

Employment creation through industrial policy in the MENA countries
Bonn, 21.09.2018 until 22.09.2018

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Press release
Six transformations to create the world we want
11 July 2018

Public tender
Research paper: After the ‘Arab Spring’: systemic change in Morocco?
28 June 2018

Opportunities for refugees with academic / scientific background
For refugees with academic reference the DIE offers the opportunity to get involved with the Institute’s activities.