International Cooperation with Africa

Africa is a diverse continent with many faces. In recent years, the continent has attracted interest as a booming marketplace experiencing impressive economic growth. At the same time, conflict intensity has been on the rise again since 2013 and development challenges persist. Poverty and hunger remain widespread, many states are characterised as fragile, and governance progress is hampered by corruption. Pressures on natural resource use and the effects of a changing climate add further challenges for states where agriculture occupies a central role in national economies.

Africa-related research at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) includes work on the following topics:

  • What types of political regimes are more capable of promoting inclusive growth?
  • How can agricultural policies be reformed to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce poverty?
  • How can technological and institutional competencies be developed further to foster environmental sustainability?
  • How can the process of adaptation to climate change in African countries be designed and supported?
  • How can the effectiveness of development cooperation with Africa be improved?
  • What role do emerging economies play in contributing to African development? Does their presence have implications for the success of policies promoted by OECD donors?
  • What conditions enable reforms in African financial systems to take hold?
  • What international strategies for addressing the problem of state fragility in Africa have been proven to work?

Research Staff


Economic empowerment pilot project in Malawi: qualitative survey report
Beierl, Stefan / Francesco Burchi / Christoph Strupat (2017)
Discussion Paper 15/2017

Mehr Bewässerungslandwirtschaft in Subsahara-Afrika: durch öffentlich-private Partnerschaften?
Scheumann, Waltina / Annabelle Houdret / Michael Brüntrup (2017)
Analysen und Stellungnahmen 10/2017

Unlocking the irrigation potential in sub-Saharan Africa: are public-private partnerships the way forward?
Scheumann, Waltina / Annabelle Houdret / Michael Brüntrup (2017)
Briefing Paper 7/2017

Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Afrika: Was kann die (deutsche) Wirtschaft tun?
Hackenesch, Christine / Julia Leininger / Tilman Altenburg / Carolin Welzel / Julia Callies / Katharina Loy / Matthias Wachter (2017)
G20 Africa Brief

Wie weiter mit den Wirtschaftspartnerschaftsabkommen? Gedanken zu einer vertieften EU-Afrika-Handelspartnerschaft
Brandi, Clara / Merran Hulse / Niels Keijzer (2017)
Analysen und Stellungnahmen 9/2017

Compact with Africa: fostering private long-term investment in Africa
Kappel, Robert / Birte Pfeiffer / Helmut Reisen
Discussion Paper 13/2017

The Marshall Plan with Africa – Looking ahead to the principles of development effectiveness
Rudolph, Alexandra / Sarah Holzapfel (2017)
The Current Column of 2 May 2017

Outcome of the first T20 conference in Africa
Hackenesch, Christine / Julia Leiniger (2017)
Published on: T20blog, 13 February 2017

The G20 and Africa
Berger, Axel (2017)
Published on: T20blog, 31 January 2017

Localising sovereign debt: the rise of local currency bond markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dafe, Florence / Dennis Essers / Ulrich Volz (2017)
SOAS University of London (Department of Economics Working Paper 202)

Cash transfers, food security and resilience in fragile contexts: general evidence and the German experience
Camacho, Luis A. / Merle Kreibaum (2017)
Discussion Paper 9/2017

A new climate trilateralism? Opportunities for cooperation between the EU, China and African countries on addressing climate change
Weigel, Moritz / Alexander Demissie (2017)
Discussion Paper 8/2017

A new climate trilateralism? Opportunities for cooperation between the EU, China and African countries on addressing climate change
Weigel, Moritz / Alexander Demissie (2017)
Discussion Paper 8/2017

Decentralisation in Togo: the contribution of ICT-based participatory development approaches to strengthening local governance
Breuer, Anita / Laura Blomenkemper / Stefan Kliesch / Franziska Salzer / Manuel Schädler / Valentin Schweinfurth / Stephen Virchow (2017)
Discussion Paper 6/2017

Rising powers and the provision of transnational public goods: conceptual considerations and features of South Africa as a case study
Klingebiel, Stephan (2017)
Discussion Paper 3/2017

The impact of cash transfers on food security in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence, design and implementation
Burchi, Francesco / Christoph Strupat (2016)
Briefing Paper 15/2016

The EU's response to the "refugees crisis": one year after the Valletta Summit
Castillejo, Clare (2016)
The Current Column, 14 November 2016

Mali seit 1992: Erfolge und Schwächen einer jungen Demokratie
Leininger, Julia / Charlotte Heyl (2016)
in: Martin Hofbauer / Philipp Münch (Hrsg.), Mali: Wegweiser zur Geschichte, 2. aktualisierte Aufl., Paderborn : Ferdinand Schöningh, 71-81

The European Union Trust Fund for Africa: a glimpse of the future for EU development cooperation
Castillejo, Clare (2016)
Discussion Paper 22/2016

Build towns instead of camps: Uganda as an example of integrative refugee policy
Kreibaum, Merle
Briefing Paper 19/2016

Revamping the OECD’s Five Rural Worlds model for poverty-oriented inter-sectoral analysis, communication and planning
Brüntrup, Michael (2016)
Briefing Paper 16/2016

Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: a fresh look on agricultural mechanisation; how adapted financial solutions can make a difference
Ströh de Martínez, Christiane / Marietta Feddersen / Anna Speicher (2016)
Studies 91

Wood energy in sub-Saharan Africa: how to make a shadow business sustainable
Hoffmann, Harry / Michael Brüntrup / Clara Dewes (2016)
Briefing Paper 14/2016

The impact of cash transfers on food security in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence, design and implementation
Burchi, Francesco / Christoph Strupat
Briefing Paper 15/2016

Baut Städte statt Lager: Uganda als Beispiel einer integrativen Flüchtlingspolitik
Kreibaum, Merle
Analysen und Stellungnahmen 8/2016

Wood energy in sub-Saharan Africa: how to make a shadow business sustainable
Hoffmann, Harry / Michael Brüntrup / Clara Dewes
Briefing Paper 14/2016

Economic Partnership Agreements: implications for regional governance and EU-ACP development cooperation
Hulse, Merran (2016)
Briefing Paper 12/2016 

Addressing food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of cash transfers
Burchi, Francesco / Margherita Scarlato / Giorgio d’Agostino (2016)
Discussion Paper 17/2016

Migration dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa – myths, facts and challenges
Schraven, Benjamin (2016)
in: Rural 21 50 (2), 27-29

From protection to reduction? The impact of the public health insurance scheme on child labour in Ghana
Strupat, Christoph
Discussion Paper 16/2016

Risks and opportunities of non-bank based financing for agriculture: the case of agricultural value chain financing
Zander, Rauno
Discussion Paper 7/2016

The political economy of cash transfers: a comparative analysis of Latin American and sub-Saharan African experiences
Scarlato, Margherita / Giorgio d'Agostino
Discussion Paper 6/2016

Ergebnisbasierte Ansätze: Ein Schlüssel für die entwicklungspolitische Umsetzung der 2030 Agenda?
Janus, Heiner / Stephan Klingebiel (2016)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 09.05.2016

Policies and institutions for assuring pro-poor rural development and food security through bioenergy production: case studies on bush-to-energy and Jatropha in Namibia
Brüntrup, Michael / Katharina Becker / Martina Gaebler / Raoul Herrmann / Silja Ostermann / Jan Prothmann (2016)
Studies 90

Large-scale agricultural investments and rural development in Tanzania: lessons learned, steering requirements and policy responses
Brüntrup, Michael / Thomas Absmayr / Jonas Dylla / Franziska Eckhard / Kerstin Remke / Konrad Sternisko

Paper prepared for presentation at the “2016 WORLD BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND AND POVERTY” The World Bank - Washington DC, March 14-18, 2016

A financial sector to support development in low-income countries
Griffith-Jones, Stephany / Eva Karwowski / Florence Dafe (2016)

in: Achieving financial stability and growth in Africa (Routledge Critical Studies in Finance and Stability), London: Routledge, 1-20

Enhancing food security in fragile states using cash-based interventions: the case of Uganda (Draft)
Kreibaum, Merle (2016)

Mitarbeiter sonstige

Behave and save? Behaviour, energy efficiency and performance of micro and small enterprises in Uganda
Never, Babette (2016)

in: Energy Research & Social Science 15/2016, 33-44

The future of ACP-EU relations: a political economy analysis
Bossuyt, Jean / Niels Keijzer / Alfonso Medinilla / Marc De Tollenaere (2016)

Maastricht: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Costs, benefits and the political economy of aid coordination: the case of the European Union
Klingebiel, Stephan / Mario Negre / Pedro Morazán (2016)

published on The European Journal of Development Research doi:10.1057/ejdr.2015.84 

Can rules of origin in sub-Saharan Africa be harmonised? A political economy exploration
Draper, Peter / Cynthia Chikura / Heinrich Krogman

Discussion Paper 1/2016

Acht Stunden täglich ohne Strom – katastrophale Folgen für Sambia
Scheumann, Waltina
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 18.01.2016

Ethnic heterogeneity and public goods provision in Zambia: evidence of a subnational “diversity dividend”
Gisselquist, Rachel M. / Stefan Leiderer / Miguel Niño-Zarazúa (2016)

in: World Development 78/2016, 308–323 (online first)

Chinese investments in Africa: corporate responsibility and sustainability norms
Grimm, Sven / Daouda Cissé (2015)

in: International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 10 (3/4), 285–304 (forthcoming)

Towards a new partnership between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries after 2020
Keijzer, Niels / Mark Furness / Christine Hackenesch / Svea Koch (2015)

Mitarbeiter sonstige

Developing local currency bond markets for long-term development financing in Sub-Saharan Africa
Berensmann, Kathrin / Florence Dafe / Ulrich Volz (2015)
in: Oxford Review of Economic Policy 31 (3-4), 350-378

When home is elsewhere: housing policy challenges in the context of transit migration in Ghana and South Africa
Dick, Eva / Thorsten Heitkamp (2015)

published on International Journal for Urban Sustainable Development DOI: 10.1080/19463138.2015.1035723

China und Afrika: Die neue Normalität
Grimm, Sven / Christine Hackenesch (2015)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 27.11.2015

Shifting rainfalls, shifting livelihoods: seasonal migration, food security and social inequality in Northern Ghana
Schraven, Benjamin / Christina Rademacher-Schulz (2015)

in: Robert McLeman / Jeanette Schade / Thomas Faist (Hrsg), Environmental migration and social inequality (Advances in Global Change Research 61), Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 43-56

Donor coordination for effective government policies?
Leiderer, Stefan (2015)

published on Journal of International Development 27 (8), 1422-1455

Wachstumspol trotz Rohstoffarmut: die regionale Wirtschaftsmacht Ruanda
Klingebiel, Stephan (2015)

in: Salua Nour / Ekkehard Münzing (Hrsg.), Wirtschaftsmacht Afrika: Wachstumspole, Potenziale und Perspektiven, Frankfurt a.M.: Lang, 251-270

Beyond adaptation? The changing nature of seasonal migration in Northern Ghana in the context of climate change, agricultural decline and food insecurity
Schraven, Benjamin / Christina Rademacher-Schulz (2015)
in: Felicitas Hillmann / Marie Pahl / Birte Rafflenbeul / Harald Sterly (eds.), Environmental change, adaptation and migration: bringing in the region, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 267-282

Human mobility in response to rainfall variability: opportunities for migration as a successful adaptation strategy in eight case studies
Afifi, Tamer / Andrea Milan / Benjamin Etzold / Benjamin Schraven / Christina Rademacher-Schulz / Patrick Sakdapolrak / Alexander Reif / Kees van der Geest / Koko Warner (2015)

published on Migration and Development DOI:10.1080/21632324.2015.1022974

Europeanisation and the EU's comprehensive approach to crisis management in Africa
Furness, Mark / Gorm Rye Olsen (2015)
published on European Politics and Society

Willkommen in der Welt der Korridore
Brüntrup, Michael (2015)
in: aw-Afrika Wirtschaft 4/2015, 24-26

Landwirtschaft als Motor des Wachstums in Subsahara-Afrika
Brüntrup, Michael / Christoph Kessler (2015)

in: Salua Nour / Ekkehard Münzing (Hrsg.), Wirtschaftsmacht Afrika: Wachstumspole, Potenziale und Perspektiven, Frankfurt a.M.: Lang

Large-scale agro-industrial investments and rural poverty: evidence from sugarcane in Malawi
Herrmann, Raoul / Ulrike Grote (2015)

in: Journal of African Economies 24 (5), 645-676

It’s domestic politics, stupid! EU democracy promotion strategies meet African dominant party regimes
Hackenesch, Christine (2015)
published on World Development

Electricity transition in the MENA: a de-risking governance approach
Vidican, Georgeta / Luigi Carafa / Gianleo Frisari (2015)

in: Journal of Cleaner Production, Special Issue: New approaches for transitions to low fossil carbon societies (forthcoming)

Addis Abeba: Die Quadratur des Kreises oder: Wie lässt sich Verantwortung in einer ungleichen Welt gemeinsam tragen
Bracho, Gerardo / Christine Hackenesch / Silke Weinlich (2015)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 20.07.2015

Addis Abeba: Die einmalige Gelegenheit
Berensmann, Kathrin
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 13.07.2015

Impacts of a micro-enterprise clustering programme on firm performance in Ghana
Strupat, Christoph / Jörg Peters / Maximiliane Sievert (2015)

in: European Journal of Development Research 27 (1), 99-121

Writing the Script? ECOWAS’ military intervention mechanism
Striebinger, Kai / Christof Hartman (2015)

in: Tanja A. Börzel / Vera van Hüllen, Governance transfer by regional organizations, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 68-83

Who’s in charge here? Interrogating reform resistance in capacity development support
Keijzer, Niels / Piet De Lange (2015)

in: Heinz Greijn / Volker Hauck / Tony Land / Jan Ubels (eds.), Capacity development beyond aid, Maastricht: SNV Netherlands Development Organisation; European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), 29-39

China-Africa cooperation: promises, practice and prospects
Grimm, Sven (2015)

in: Suisheng Zhao (ed.), China in Africa: strategic motives and economic interests, London: Routledge

The fragile road towards peace and democracy: insights on the effectiveness of international support to post-conflict Burundi
Mroß, Karina (2015)

Discussion Paper 3/2015

Burundi – am Rande des Abgrunds?
Mroß, Karina (2015)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 01.06.2015

Burundi: Von der Instabilität zur Eskalation
Klingebiel, Stephan (2015)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 28.04.2015

Towers of strength in turbulent times? Assessing the effectiveness of international support to peace and democracy in Kenya and Kyrgyzstan in the aftermath of interethnic violence
Fiedler, Charlotte (2015)
Discussion Paper 6/2015

Theory and practice? A comparative analysis of migration and development policies in eleven European countries and the European Commission
Keijzer, Niels / Julia Héraud / Malin Frankenhaeuser (2015)

in: International Migration DOI: 10.1111/imig.12191

Social norms, trust and control of power theft in Uganda: does bulk metering work for MSEs?
Never, Babette (2015)

in: Energy Policy 82/2015, 197-206

The universal post-2015 agenda: how fit for purpose is the ACP-EU partnership?
Bossuyt, Jean / Niels Keijzer (2015)

published on ECDPM Talking Points Blog 10.03.2015

Wasser und Entwicklung an grenzüberschreitenden Flüssen: Nachhaltige Entwicklung für alle Länder
Tawfik, Rawia (2015)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 19.03.2015 

Finanzierung globaler Entwicklung: Die Rolle der Märkte für Lokalwährungsanleihen in Subsahara-Afrika
Berensmann, Kathrin / Florence Dafe / Nannette Lindenberg / Ulrich Volz (2015)

Analysen und Stellungnahmen 5/2015

Migration nach Europa – Nordafrika als Grenzwächter Europas?
Schäfer, Isabel (2015)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 08.06.2015

Ostafrikas „Highway to Oil“
Kappel, Robert / Babette Never (2015)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 23.01.2015

Big results now? Emerging lessons from results-based aid in Tanzania
Janus, Heiner / Niels Keijzer (2014)
Discussion Paper 4/2015

The development project as an institution for agency and capability expansion: the case of the Njombe milk project
Burchi, Francesco (2014)

European Journal of Development Research

Ebola: Mehr als ein Gesundheitsproblem!
Leininger, Julia (2014)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 24.09.2014

Uganda: Strom oder Tourismus?
Never, Babette (2014)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 07.07.2014

Who gets the schools? Political targeting of economic and social infrastructure provision in Zambia
Leiderer, Stefan (2014)
Discussion Paper 27/2014

Linking results-based aid and capacity development support: conceptual and practical challenges
Keijzer, Niels / Heiner Janus (2014)

Discussion Paper 25/2014

Real innovation or second-best solution? First experiences from results-based aid for fiscal decentralisation in Ghana and Tanzania
Janus, Heiner (2014)
Discussion Paper 03/2014

Promoting Democracy - What Role for the Democratic Emerging Powers?
Schönwälder, Gerd (2014)
Discussion Paper 02/2014

Die Verantwortung für die Tragödie im Südsudan liegt bei der politischen Elite des Landes
Furness, Mark
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 07.05.2014

Die EU-Afrika-Partnerschaft: überdiversifiziert und unpolitisch?
Lundsgaarde, Erik / Svea Koch / Julia Leininger (2014)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 31.03.2014

Zielkonflikte in der Demokratieförderung: Pauschallösungen und unvollständige Demokratisierung verhindern
Leininger, Julia / Sebastian Ziaja (2014)

Analysen und Stellungnahmen 16/2014

Eine funktionsfähigere globale Gesundheitspolitik: Empfehlungen für den Umgang mit Ebola
Bindenagel Šehović, Annamarie / Stephan Klingebiel (2014)

Analysen und Stellungnahmen 13/2014

Mehr Einsatz in Afrika
Leininger, Julia (2014)

Die aktuelle Kolumne, 11.02.2014

Deuropäische Afrikapolitik
Klingebiel, Stephan (2013)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 19.11.2013

Die Lehre von Lampedusa- warum die EU und Afrika eine strategische Partnerschaft brauchen
Hackenesch, Christine / Svea Koch (2013)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 28.10.2013

Obamas Vermächtnis in Afrika
Lundsgaarde, Erik (2013)
Die aktuelle Kolumne, 21.01.2013

EU Joint Programming: Lehren aus dem SüdsudanFurness, Mark / Frank Vollmer (2013)Analysen und Stellungnahmen, 10/2013

AKP-EU-Beziehungen nach 2020: Auf der Suche nach einer europäischen Haltung
Lein, Brecht / Nicola Tissi / Niels Keijzer / Mario Negre (2013)
Analysen und Stellungnahmen, 5/2013

Macroprudential Financial Market Regulation
Schmitz, Birgit
Discussion Paper, 20/2013

Unfinished agenda or overtaken by events? Applying aid and development effectiveness principles to capacity development support
Keijzer, Niels (2013)

Discussion Paper, 17/2013

Mozambique’s economic transformation: are efforts to streamline the fragmented aid landscape undermined for good?
Vollmer, Frank (2013)
Discussion Paper, 12/2013

Towards Renewal or Oblivion? Perspectives for cooperation between the European Union and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group after 2020
Negre, Mario / Niels Keijzer / Brecht Lein / Nicola Tissi (2013)
Discussion Paper, 9/2013

The politics of central banking and implications for regulatory reform in sub-Saharan Africa: the cases of Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda
Dafe, Florence (2012)
Discussion Paper, 2/2012

Der Europäische Demokratiefonds zwischen Wunsch und Wirklichkeit: flexibel und unbürokratisch?
Leininger, Julia / Solveig Richter (2012)
Analysen und Stellungnahmen, 9/2012

The potential of pro-market activism as a tool for making finance work for Africa: a political economy perspective
Dafe, Florence
Discussion Paper, 2/2011

The EU and its partners on development: how strategic on the ground?
Castillejo, Clare / Christine Hackenesch (2014)

in: Clare Castillejo (ed.), New donors, new partners? EU strategic partnerships and development

A strong norm for democratic governance in Africa
Leininger, Julia

Stockholm: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)

Children’s multidimensional health and medium-run cognitive skills in low- and middle-income countries
Burchi, Francesco

Oxford Universiy: Young Lives (Working Paper 129)

What can be expected from international frameworks to regulate large-scale land and water acquisitions in sub-Sahara Africa?
Brüntrup, Michael / Waltina Scheumann / Axel Berger / Lidija Christmann / Clara Brandi

Externe Publikationen (2014)

The reflection of African concerns in the G-20 financial regulation and financial development agenda
Wolff, Peter (2014)

South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) (SAIIA Occasional Paper 176)

Governing the energy transition: the reform of fossil-fuel subsidy regimes in developing countries
Vidican, Georgeta (2014)

Conference proceedings: „The dynamics of transformational environmental policies“

Applying the concept of fit to water governance reforms in South Africa
Herrfahrdt-Pähle, Elke (2014)

published on Ecology and Society 19 (1)

Walking a tightrope progress in balancing multiple central bank objectives in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda
Dafe, Florence (2014)

Bonn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

The G-20 and financial regulation in Africa
Wolff, Peter (2013)

South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) (SAIIA Policy Briefing 78)

The Potential of Pro-Market Activism for Finance in Africa: A Political Economy Perspective
Dafe, Florence (2012)

in: Thorsten Beck / Samuel Munzele Maimbo (eds.), Financial sector development in Africa: opportunities and challenges, Washington, DC: World Bank, 177-231

Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Eine Einführung
Klingebiel, Stephan (2013)
Studies 73

Private foundations and development cooperation: insights from Tanzania
Lundsgaarde, Erik / Evelyn Funk / Anja Kopyra / Jennifer Richter / Hannah Steinfeldt (2012)

Studies 69

Evaluation of budget support in Zambia: implementation, direct effects and political economy
Leiderer, Stefan / Jörg Faust (2012)

Studies 68

Assessing vulnerability to climate variability and change: participatory assessment approach and Kenyan case study
van de Sand, Isabel
Studies 65

African Developments - Briefing Paper

Africa is on the move! African countries and societies follow diverse development paths. For some it is the “booming continent” of our times. For others, it is the host of the majority of the “bottom billion”.
In the Briefing Papers series on African Developments published by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), researchers from Europe and Africa look regularly into the African agenda and analyse African trends to take stock and identify the challenges facing the continent in the years to come.

African developments: competing institutional arrangements for climate policy: the case of Nigeria
Koblowsky, Peter / Chinwe Ifejika-Speranza (2012)
Briefing Paper 7/2012

African developments: political trends in recent elections in Sub-Saharan Africa
Vorrath, Judith (2011)
Briefing Paper 18/2011

African development trends: lessons learnt from the global financial crisis
Berensmann, Kathrin (2011)
Briefing Paper 10/2011

African developments: the comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is an opportunity for African agriculture
Brüntrup, Michael (2011)
Briefing Paper 4/2011

African Developments: adapting to climate change – a governance Challenge
Herrfahrdt-Pähle, Elke (2010)

Briefing Paper 16/2010

African Developments: Sub-Saharan Africa, too, could achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Loewe, Markus (2010)
Briefing Paper 15/2010

African Developments: traditional bilateral donors at a crossroads
Lundsgaarde, Erik (2010)
Briefing Paper 14/2010

African Developments: higher education and research capacities: Africa in the globalising knowledge society
Stamm, Andreas / Lidija Knuth (2010)
Briefing Paper 13/2010

African Developments: continental conflict management – a glass half full or half empty?
Gänzle, Stefan / Benedikt Franke (2010)
Briefing Paper 7/2010

African developments: continental integration in Africa - AU, NEPAD and the APRM
Grimm, Sven / George Katito (2010)
Briefing Paper 4/2010


Former Projects


Panel Discussion
„Finanzialisierung“ des afrikanischen Agrarsektors: Chancen, Risiken und Leitplanken
Bonn, 18 July 2017

Event seriesDrought resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa: Research meets Development Bonn, 6 April 2017 until 13 July 2017

Panel Discussion
Social Protection – A main Pillar in Drought Resilience? Practical experiences and evidence from Sub-Sahara Africa
as part of the event series on "Drought resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa: Research meets Development"
Bonn, 31 May 2017

T20 Africa Conference
Africa and the G20: Building alliances for sustainable development
Johannesburg, 01 - 03 February 2017

Rwanda – A Developmental State and Donor Darling?

Bonn, 06 - 07 October 2016

Emerging Power or Fading Star? South Africa’s Role on the African Continent and Beyond

Cape Town, 12 - 14 July 2016

Außenpolitik live – Diplomaten im Dialog
Deutsche Außenpolitik in Ostafrika

Bonn, 30 November 2015

Deutsche Afrikapolitik neu denken

Cadenabbia, 15 November 2015 until 17 November 2015

MGG Public Lecture
Natural resources: a new scramble for Africa?

Bonn, 10 September 2015

Öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion
Afrika mit anderen Augen

Bonn, 07 September 2015

Water Lecture Series
Changing water politics in the Nile basin: A more equitable order emerging or a conflict delayed?

Bonn, 17 June 2015

Joint Workshop
Result-Based Approaches in Rwanda: The case of Imihigo at the Subnational Level

Kigali, Rwanda, 29 April 2015

Kooperation auf Augenhöhe oder neo-koloniale Ausbeutung? Die (entwicklungs-)politische Rolle Chinas in Afrika

Bonn, 03 February 2015

Challenges to Democratisation and Peace-Building in Africa: The Case of Mali

Duisburg, 12 December 2014

Filmpräsentation „Ibyiza Birimbere“ mit Podiumsdiskussion

Bonn, 02 December 2014

Supporting Democracy Abroad: An International Study of Democracy Assistance

Berlin, 20 November 2014

Außenpolitik live – Diplomaten im Dialog
Tunesien zwei Jahre nach der Revolution

Bonn, 20 March 2013

Briefing and Expert-Debate
New Leadership for the African Union: Scenarios for Change

Berlin, 10 April 2013

1st Käte Hamburger Dialogue
Elections, Violence and International Criminal Justice: The Case of Kenya

Bonn, 15 March 2013

European Think-Tanks Group High Level Conference
Looking Beyond 2013: Are EU-Africa Relations Still Fit for Purpose?

Brussels, 28 October 2013

Berliner Afrikakreis
Subsahara Afrika: Welche Agenda für den neuen Bundestag und die neue Bundesregierung?

Berlin, 20 November 2013

Presentation and Discussion
Envisioning New Partnerships for Africa’s Future

Bonn, 16 December 2013

Föderalismus als Konfliktregelung – auch gegenüber islamischen Fundamentalisten?

Bonn, 30 August 2012

National Seminar on Transition from Traditional Biomass to Modern Bioenergy in Malawi

Lilongwe, Malawi, 02 October 2012

Researching Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa – social science perspectives and methodological challenges

Bonn, 19 January 2012 until 20 January 2012

Panel Discussion
Emerging African Middle Classes

Bonn, 10 December 2012

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Cover: AuS 9/2017

Wie weiter mit den Wirtschaftspartnerschafts- Abkommen? Gedanken zu einer vertieften EU-Afrika-Handelspartnerschaft
Brandi, Clara / Merran Hulse / Niels Keijzer (2017)
Analysen und Stellungnahmen 9/2017

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Not as bad as it seems? EU and US democracy promotion strategies faces China in Africa
Hackenesch, Christine (2015)
published on Democratization 18 March 2015


Against all odds: strong democratic norms in the African Union
Leininger, Julia (2015)
in: Tanja A. Börzel / Vera van Hüllen (eds.), Governance transfer by regional organizations, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 51-67