Dr. Markus Loewe

Function: Senior Researcher

Specialization: Economist

Work areas:

  • Social Protection
  • Development Co-operation with the MENA region
  • Governance and Investment Climate
  • Development and promotion of small and medium enterprises
  • Economic and industrial policies
  • Demographic change
  • Regional Coordinator Near and Middle East, North Africa

Responsibilities in education and training:

  • Poverty reduction
  • The post-2015 agenda
  • Pro-poor growth
  • Human development
  • Social protection
  • Trade-offs between economic, social and environmental goals
  • Development cooperation with the Middle East and North Africa region

Refereed Publications

Non-refereed Publications

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E-mail Markus.Loewe@remove-this.die-gdi.de
Phone +49 (0)228 94927-154
Fax +49 (0)228 94927-130

A decade on: how relevant is the regulatory environment for micro and small enterprise upgrading after all?
Altenburg, Tilman / Aimée Hampel-Milagrosa / Markus Loewe (2016)
in: The European Journal of Development Research 29 (2), 457-475

In the media

Der Westen muss die Fehler der Vergangenheit vermeiden
Markus Loewe in an Interview with Nana Brink
Deutschlandradio Kultur on 11 December 2015


Cover: World Development Report

The entrepreneur makes a difference: Evidence on MSE upgrading factors from Egypt, India, and the Philippines

Hampel-Milagrosa, Markus Loewe, Caroline Reeg (2015)
World Development 66(2), 118-130

In the media

Cover: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

UN-Entwicklungsziele: Kann man Armut einfach abschaffen?
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In the Media

Logo: Deutschlandradio Kultur

UN einigen sich auf neue Entwicklungsziele
Interview with Markus Loewe on Deutschlandradio Kultur 03 August 2015


Cover: Reforming Pensions

Pension schemes and pension reforms in the Middle East and North Africa

Loewe, Markus (2014)
in: Katja Hujo (ed.), Reforming pensions in developing and transition countries, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 69-101


Cover: Discussion Paper 13/2013

Industrial policy in Egypt 2004–2011

Loewe, Markus (2013)
(Discussion Paper 13/2013)