The development policy system: where do we stand? Where do we go? 发展政策体系:我们站在哪里?我们走向何方?

Gonsior, Victoria / Stephan Klingebiel
Externe Publikationen (2019)

in: International Business Research 国际商务研究 6/2019, 5-19


This chapter identifies and examines fundamental changes observed in the development policy system over recent years along three dimensions -narratives (why?), strategies (what?) and operational approaches (how?). The changes are diverse, ranging from new narratives as translated to the development policy context (such as the migration narrative), to new strategic considerations (such as, of developing countries’graduation issues), new instruments (in the form of development finance at the interface with the private sector), and new concepts for project implementation (application of frontier technology). We discuss the implications and effects of these trends in terms of holistic changes to the wider development policy system itself. Do these changes go hand in hand and ultimately build on and re-inform each other? Or are we actually observing a disconnect between the narratives that frame the engagement of actors in development policy, their strategies for delivery and their operational approaches in partner countries? Based on a literature review and information gathered in a number of expert interviews and brainstorming sessions, this paper sheds light on these questions by exploring current trends and presenting ongoing disconnects between the why, what and how in the development policy system. Further, we argue that the importance of such disconnects is increasing. In particular, persisting or even amplifying disconnections in the development policy system become more problematic given the availability of a universal agenda and the need to scale up delivery to achieve the SDGs in a multiplex world in which the 2030 Agenda requires a wider system of global cooperation for sustainable development (GCSD).
本文从叙事(为什么)、战略(是什么)和实操路径(怎么办)3个维度来识别和检验近年来发展政策体系所发生的根本性变化。这些变化是多种多样的,从新的叙事被植入发展政策框架(如移民叙事)到新的战略考量(如发展中国家的“毕业”问题),到新的政策工具(与私营部门相配合的,发展融资形式),再到项目实施的新理念(前沿技术的应用)。我们将讨论这些变化趋势对更广泛的发展政策体系整体变化的影响。这些变化是否密切相关、互为基础、彼此触发?或者实际上我们看到的是,发展政策框架下的行为体,其实施战略及其在伙伴国的实操路径之间的脱节?在回顾文献的基础上,结合大量专家访谈和会议收集到的信息,通过探讨当前的发展趋势,揭示发展政策体系中的叙事(为什么)、战略(是什么)和实操路径(怎么办)之间持续存在的脱节,以此来阐明上述问题。关于这种脱节研究的重要性正在增强。尤其是 2030年可持续发展目标议程的实现需要更为广泛的全球合作。发展政策体系脱节持续存在、甚至仍在恶化,所带来的问题将更为严重。 

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Klingebiel, Stephan



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