Briefing paper

Briefing Paper (in German: Analysen und Stellungnahmen) are always four pages long and discuss ongoing and controversial issues in international relations. By including recommendations, the series primarily aims at policy makers, practitioners, and representatives of the (professional) media industry. Besides, the series is also open to everyone interested in developmental issues.

All editions of the series can be downloaded in full text and for free on our website.


Aktuelle Briefing Paper

Unlocking the irrigation potential in sub-Saharan Africa: are public-private partnerships the way forward?

Scheumann, Waltina / Annabelle Houdret / Michael Brüntrup
Briefing Paper 7/2017

Proceeding with River Basin Management: legal, financial and political dimensions in Mongolia

Rodríguez de Francisco, Jean Carlo / Annabelle Houdret / Ines Dombrowsky
Briefing Paper 6/2017