Budgethilfe und öffentliche Finanzen in Sambia

This projects aimed at assessing and identifying the determinants of the operational efficiency of service delivery at local government level in Zambia. It focused on the sectors health, education, and rural road maintenance.

Jörg Faust

Teilnehmer des 45. DIE-Ausbildungsganges:
Maximilian Geigenmüller
Anja Hornig
Kathrin Kästle
Christopher Smith
Franziska Tröger

2009 - 2010 / Abgeschlossen


Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ)


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Evaluation departments of cooperating partners have started a series of evaluations of budget support including a joint evaluation of budget support in Zambia. This evaluation was initiated by the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IOB), the Evaluation and Audit Department of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ-E) and the Secretariat for Evaluation of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).
The Secretary to the Treasury in Zambia has given full support to the evaluation.
As part of this joint effort DIE has been commissioned by BMZ-E to carry out an evaluation component concerned with the political processes and economy of budget support in Zambia.

This Country Working Group (CWG) research project – while not forming an integral part of the joint evaluation – is closely coordinated with and aims at directly contributing to the evaluation work.
It will be carried out in close cooperation with the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) and the different evaluation teams.
The main research interest concerns the identification of constraints to efficient service delivery at local government level in Zambia. The focus is on the operational efficiency of local public financial management (PFM) in health, education and rural roads maintenance.
The CWG aims at conducting comparative in-depth case studies of sub-national service delivery in the selected sectors. For this purpose, relative efficiency measures will be constructed based on administrative data on sub-national service delivery and budget allocations. Qualitative in-depth studies will then be conducted to identify determinants of unexplained differences in efficiency between selected districts.
The main contribution of this research will consist in providing for a clearer understanding of (i) how budget allocations in Zambia are transformed into service delivery and the provision of public goods in the selected sectors (health, education, roads), and (ii) how the operational efficiency of budget implementation in Zambia could be improved.
The CWG’s findings should inform the joint evaluation of budget support in Zambia but at the same time be of direct use to the Government of Zambia, in particular the sector ministries concerned as well as the Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MoFNP).


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