Towards a shared understanding of effective development co-operation: learning from different actors and approaches

Informal Exchange with Researchers

Paris, 24.11.2017

German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik,
Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

Mark your calendar for this first in a series of upcoming opportunities to exchange lessons and discuss good practice in effective development co-operation among diverse actors. Researchers from select emerging economies will present independent research findings and exchange with participants on areas for synergy and future collaboration on three critical themes:  

  • Identifying areas of common interest in making development co-operation more effective among diverse development actors;
  • Identifying lessons and approaches to engage emerging economies on issues of common interest in effective development co-operation in support of the SDGs; and
  • Exploring ways to broaden the scope of the Global Partnership Monitoring framework to better reflect the full spectrum of actors and modalities of development co-operation.

Further information and invitations are forthcoming. Please direct your inquiries to




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24.11.2017 / 10:30 - 14:00

OECD Conference Centre, Paris

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Bracho, Gerardo (2017)
Discussion Paper 25/2017


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Li, Xiaoyun (2017)
Discussion Paper 17/2017