International Cooperation with Africa

Africa is a diverse continent with many faces. In recent years, the continent has attracted interest as a booming marketplace experiencing impressive economic growth. At the same time, conflict intensity has been on the rise again since 2013 and development challenges persist. Poverty and hunger remain widespread, many states are characterised as fragile, and governance progress is hampered by corruption. Pressures on natural resource use and the effects of a changing climate add further challenges for states where agriculture occupies a central role in national economies.

Africa-related research at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) includes work on the following topics:

  • What types of political regimes are more capable of promoting inclusive growth?
  • How can agricultural policies be reformed to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce poverty?
  • How can technological and institutional competencies be developed further to foster environmental sustainability?
  • How can the process of adaptation to climate change in African countries be designed and supported?
  • How can the effectiveness of development cooperation with Africa be improved?
  • What role do emerging economies play in contributing to African development? Does their presence have implications for the success of policies promoted by OECD donors?
  • What conditions enable reforms in African financial systems to take hold?
  • What international strategies for addressing the problem of state fragility in Africa have been proven to work?



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